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Autopoint was founded in Chicago in 1918 and since 1979 has been located in Janesville, Wisconsin. We produce American made twist action mechanical pencils including the world wide distributed single ended All-American pencils and the famous Twinpoint mechanical pencils. Over the years both traditional and unique writing instruments and a few other associated products have been added to our line which you can find on the following pages.

In recent years our StylusPlus line of touch screen pens has been added. All stylus tip pens are sold under the StylusPlus and Stylus+ brands. We are pleased to offer the widest selection of stylus tip pens available.

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Focusing on quality, we are one of the leading manufacturers of American-made writing instruments such as mechanical pencils. Whether you are looking for pen refills or pencil lead, we have you covered.

Innovative Products

We offer more than just regular mechanical pencils—our company also has pens with stylus tips available.

One such product is our two-in-one twist-action ball pen and capacitive stylus compatible with iPhones, iPads, and other smartphone devices. The slim size makes it lightweight and reduces touch errors when composing messages or entering phone numbers.

About US

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